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Our scheduled shutdowns this past Christmas season have all been a success. Special thank you to all our employees who have helped make this possible. Our commitment to continued customer support, and expertise in all aspects of engineering and project management comes through at times like this.

Over the last half of 2014, the slide of the price of oil from $100 to $50 a barrel was an unexpected situation that seems to have surprised both industry and the financial markets. Although this reduction may be temporary, it is sure to provide a boost to the automotive sector which we welcome as a positive development for our clients. However, its effect on the drive for energy efficiency and energy conservation for industrial and commercial businesses are less clear. At least in the short term, we expect the price of electricity to stay relatively flat, as the market forces which drive the cost of power are not tied as tightly to the price of a barrel of oil. SNP’s energy team will continue to take a long term outlook and encourage our clients to continue to invest in their future, as lowering operating costs is a reliable way of remaining competitive regardless of current market conditions. Additionally SNP’s building group, along with our automotive division is continuously working on added value engineering services that will translate to production, and cost improvements throughout all market sectors.

Our continued growth within our core groups has given us the opportunity to expand our services. We are prepared to tackle projects of all sizes across the industries we serve, and bringing added value to our existing clients while forging partnerships with new customers throughout North America and globally.


Santiago Pablo

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