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This year SNP Technical Services Inc. celebrates 6 years of incorporation. In such a short span of time our company has grown and transformed into a leading engineering and technical service provider. In the beginning SNP started with only a handful of Engineers Many of us came from humble beginnings. We made something of ourselves through our hard work, our integrity, our quest for knowledge and a small amount of luck. Following the launch of many high profile projects SNP began to expand our operations. Now operating with 40+ employees SNP is once again looking to recruit the top talent in various Engineering disciplines. We aim to broaden our team with bright, focused and ambitious professionals.

As a small business that is constantly growing SNP is determined to provide employees with the opportunity to transform their careers. We offer exemplary leadership, operational excellence and stimulating environment. SNP strives to cultivate an atmosphere of continuous learning and skill development. By enhancing the skills and abilities of our employees we are focused on positively impacting workforce planning and individual career advancement. Additionally, SNP is committed to empowering our staff by supporting a better work-life balance and promoting more flexibility.

Since our operations are highly digitalized our employees are able to work from various locations to suit the needs of our customers. Considering the degree of flexibility we provide, our Managers immediately establish a strong trust relationship with their team through high performance and accountability standards. Good working relationships are also developed through coaching and mentoring which aligns with our goal of promoting a supportive organizational culture. Furthermore, our team benefits from a performance based compensation and reward program which relies on a fair, equitable and competitive pay structure.

If you would like more information on the available openings or would like to speak to our recruiter please send an email to You may also visit our contact page and fill out the online application form.


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